Purchase a Fossicking Permit


For information on permits for organised/club events please contact your nearest Forestry office.

About the Fossicking Permit

This application allows the user to purchase a permit statewide to fossick in NSW State forests.
To create a permit you will be required to provide your personal contact details such as name and address, and your credit card details for payment.

Retrieve Permit Copy

Click here to retrieve a copy of your last valid fossicking permit.


A number of State forests are currently closed due to the fire situation in NSW. Please check the current closure list here before planning to visit any State Forest. Fossicking and firewood collection are not permitted in closed forests even with a permit.

Fossicking in NSW


The cost of a yearly fossicking permit is $00 inclusive of GST.
A permit can cover a family group with a maximum of 5 people (2 adults and 3 children under 18 years of age).

When Fossicking

Make sure you have a copy of your permit with you. Authorities will ask to see it and fines may be issued if it is not presented.

Follow advice and directions in this guide to fossicking in NSW.

Abide by the conditions of the permit.

Where an approved native title determination under the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993 provides that native title exists on the land the subject of this permit, the Permittee must obtain the consent of the relevant registered native title body corporate with respect to that native title, to carry out fossicking.

Permitted activities and materials

Fossicking is permitted in NSW forests and requires a fossicking permit. This permit gives you the permission to search for and collect fossicking materials using hand tools and is for recreational, tourist or educational purposes only.

Fossicking areas

Please review the maps which show the areas excluded from fossicking in state forests.